Jewelry Birthstones 12 Months Natural Stones-Gifts Home Shopping

Jewelry Birthstones 12 Months Natural Stones-Gifts Home Shopping

Select the right birthstone jewelry for your loved one as following the birth month:


Garnet: red, green, pink, purple, orange, brown.


Amethyst: purple


Aquamarine: pale blue or light blue and blue-green


White Diamond or Bloodstone

White Diamond are the most popular, also some are pink , black , yellow and blue

Bloodstone: dark green with red splashes of red Jasper


Emerald: green


Pearl or Moonstone

Pearl: white, cream, pink, peach, purple, gold, blue, green, aubergine, grey and black

Moonstone: milky white, cream, pink, peach, blues, silver grey, gold


Ruby: rich carmine red, pink-red.


Peridot: pleasant pale green and olive green colors. Some are in yellowish green, greenish yellow or brown


Sapphire or Lapis Lazuli

Sapphire: wide range of colors including blue, pink, yellow, green, orange and black and colorless .

Lapis Lazuli: deep blue with gold.


Opal or Tourmaline

Opal: milky white, creamy yellow, pink, blue and purple iridescent hues
Fire Opal : yellow, orange and red – due to the influence of iron oxides.
Black Opals: dark grey and dark blue to black – due to the influence of manganese oxides and organic carbon

Tourmaline: green, blue, yellow, red, pink, violet, brown, black and occasionally white and colorless


Topaz or Citrine

Topaz: yellow, orange and brown

Citrine: yellow


Blue Topaz, Turquoise or Tanzanite

Blue Topaz: blue hues, sky blues, greenish blues and electric blues

Turquoise: sky blue, turquoise and greenish blue – with flecks of gold

Tanzanite: deep blues and purple.

Jewelry Birthstones 12 Months Natural Stones-Gifts Home Shopping

Tips For Gifts Giving:

1-Planning in advance to be sure the up coming birthday, valentine, anniversary …Take an extra time for shipping process if online purchase or time to wrap your gifts.

2-Choose a gift that suit to your loved one, family or friends who they are expecting for what the gift is special, valuable and useful. The gifts are suitable for their ages, styles and personalities.

3-Estimate your budget. This is how much you spend for. There will be cost less with coupons saving, early bird specials or shopping around to find the best on sale price.

4-Giving from the bottom of your heart. Remember it is your thought, not for the cost. Get something is valuable, special, sentimental. It’s NOT necessary of expensive or extravagant items. This is what your thought will be sincerely appreciated.

5-Wrap your gift and ready to give away. It is NOT necessary to be fancy, long ribbons or expensive materials. The tastefully wrapped gift can be reused some left over materials or recycled the materials for the caring of environment.

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