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About The Autobiography

Immigrated in Canada in 1984.

Canadian Citizenship in 1987.

Enjoy learning English Writing Skills at Alberta Vocational College, Viscount Bennett Adult School and Mount Royal College.

Love Poetry and Novel writing.

A member in good standing certified by the International Society of Poets and have attained the Distinction Distinguished Member.


On Behalf Of Author’s Note

Nguyen Kim Lan

Our mother had been living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in more than thirty years; She took English courses language at Alberta Vocational Center, Viscount Bennett Adult School and Mount Royal College since the first days that she stepped on in free land of Canada. she never stopped learning from other people.

However, she passed away very peacefully in March 12/2016 and we all love her and pray for her journey to the West of Amitaba Pure Land where she can rest herself indefinitely forever good and re-united with her predeceased husband and sisters over there as well. She was a great loving mother and grandmother; She sacrificed all her life for her family especially for her  children and grand children. She had left her seven children and ten grand children. We’ve missed her so much…

Although she had gone to the heaven but our thoughts have always been with her. We enjoy her writing all kind of poems such as friendship poems, birthday poems, romantic poems …and novels in our life time.

Our mother, father, Ba Bach (her predeceased eldest sister and also our second mother because we had been raised by Ba Bach) and another aunts were also a good example for all of us to follow.

We’ve missed our mother, father, Ba Bach and other aunts so much!!!!

In the respect of our mother we posted a few of her poems on her behalf as her wishes when she was alive that her poems can be read and enjoyable by people. She hoped this book can help especially for young people with the educational purpose from this generation to another and so on…This will be rewarded and honored for her accomplishment!!!

A few poems below were written by our mother “Nguyen Kim Lan” from her poem book “A Moment Of Sorrow” which was published in 2002. if you are interested of her book, you can purchase a digital download copy at the link below or send us  $15 USD via PAYPAL in this link paypal.me/hts/15USD and leave a note “ORDER DIGITAL COPY OF POEM BOOK” with YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS; you will receive the download link shortly within 24 hours. Contact Us if you have any  question!!

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A Few Poems from “A Moment Of Sorrow” Book

A Poem For Canada Day

O Canada, my second country
First Nation where I choose to come and live
With my glowing heart, I admire you every day
With my gentle eyes, I look at you every night
On the tower, I spend a lot of time
I stand and observe the territory around
It looks like diamonds twinkling in the blue sky
O Canada, my second country
I love you and show gratitude to you

*Canada is our foster father
*The proverb says
“Where liberty is, there is our country”
*This poem has been published in 1985 at AVC (Alberta Vocational Center).

New Horizon
The way I follow
The day I never know
Blue clear firmament over my head
The carpet of green under my steps
Very large green field on both sides
I stride up a long way apart to this way
Beyond me so far away
Quiet sea with gentle breeze
Twilight coming out
Behind the long range mountain
Topped with pink clouds
Moon even gives upon me a bright smile
Sound of zephyr likes soft music
Gets ready to welcome me
Finally, I reach the new horizon

*This poem has been published in “Under Quick Silver Moon” in 2002 by The International Library of Poetry in USA.



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